Five Signs You Should Buy That Domain Name

By | September 28, 2011

When we face difficult decisions in life and in business, we always look for it: a sign. We think that one hint this or that way will finally sway us, guide us to wisdom and discernment and lead us to greater glory and riches.

At least, that’s the idea.

Finding a true “sign” is great, of course – but it doesn’t always happen. When making the decision on whether or not to buy a domain name you’ve been considering, you often can’t even focus on one major sign but rather a bunch of little ones that might be steering you one way or another. Here are five signs you should buy that domain name you’ve been wondering about.

Sign #1: The statistics are not unrealistic. This might sound like a reason you shouldn’t buy a domain – a domain owner wants a hefty price for a site that only earns a limited amount per month. But the good thing about this scenario is that there’s a greater likelihood that the domain owner is being honest. They’re not feeding you false facts about what the domain might earn some day, but rather what it’s actually earning, giving you an accurate snapshot of the domain as it is.

Sign #2: Your Google searches have no trouble finding the domain. When your domain is highly-recognized by Google, then you’ve got a good potential purchase on your hands. In many cases, people will buy domain names just because of the keyword potential, only to discover that Google users don’t really care about those keywords. If that’s not the case with your potential domain, then you’ve got a good chance at using that domain well.

Sign #3: You have a feeling you’re getting a bargain. Have you ever made a purchase where you feel a slight twinge of guilt because you’re getting such a good deal? While the guilt might not be entirely pleasant, you at least have the luxury of deep-seated instincts that tell you you’re making a good deal. If you want to up the purchase price a little to feel better about yourself, feel free.

Sign #4: Most of what you’re buying is not about potential. We see it all the time in sports: a top prospect is given millions of dollars not because of what he’s accomplished, but because of what he might accomplish. This is a hit-or-miss proposition; not necessarily a sign of a good domain to purchase. If you are purchasing a domain just because of the potential you believe it has, you’ll want to be very sure that you’re certain that potential can be used.

Sign #5: You don’t get buyer’s remorse. Granted, this is a sign that you can’t discern before you buy the thing, but you’ll still want to pay attention to your own feelings. If you feel passionate about your domain even after you bought it, there’s a good chance you’ll have the motivation to follow through and turn it into something better – or at least sell it later at a nice profit.