Five Tips for Making Your Site More Attractive to Buyers

By | August 19, 2011

When you’re selling a house, oftentimes you’ll have a real estate agent hold “showings” for people who want to see the inside. In order to maximize the value and appearance of your home, it only makes sense that you clean up the house, tie up any loose ends and ensure that the house looks better than it does on a daily basis.

It’s not only a good strategy; it’s just basic common sense.

So why don’t more people do the same thing when they list their websites for sale?

Granted, selling a house and a website are two different things. But if you’re looking to sell your website at a marketplace like, then you have to realize that expecting a site to sell itself is usually not a winning strategy. If you want to command a good and fair price for your site, you’ve got to highlight its best features and think about its appearance from the buyer’s end. Here are five tips for accomplishing exactly that.

Tip #1: Cut expenses. While you can’t turn your website into a mega-revenue machine overnight, you can do a lot to cut your monthly expenses for the site, thereby decreasing the amount of risk a buyer takes on when purchasing your site. If you can identify several expenses that you don’t really need to maintain the value of the site, then go ahead and get rid of them. A site that earns $10,000 a month but costs $9,000 to operate is going to be worth a lot less than a site that earns the same amount but costs only $1,000 a month to operate.

Tip #2: Don’t hide your information. When selling a website at a place like, you’re going to be able to fill out your information. While some of this information might seem unnecessary to you, it will make you look more professional if you fill out as much information as possible. This makes it look as though you have nothing to hide – and if you’re confident enough to fill in a lot of information, the buyers think, maybe you really do have a good asset to sell.

Tip #3: Avoid looking “too good to be true.” Sure, it’s tempting to pump up your website as much as you can, but if you start fudging the numbers and look too good to be true, the experienced domain buyers are going to see right through your shtick and realize that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Honesty is always the best policy, and that applies to sites like just as it does in your offline life.

Tip #4: Make sure your site actually looks good. This is where the real estate analogy from earlier on really comes into play: since you can provide a preview of what your site looks like, make sure the site actually looks clean and professional.

Tip #5: Don’t become something you’re not. Market your website to someone who would be interested in selling your site, and don’t try to market to anyone else – just as you wouldn’t advertise your mitten-selling business to people who live in Florida.