How Do I Know When To Buy a Domain Name?

By | June 17, 2011

For anyone who’s ever made an investment before, there’s one simple truth that seems to always rear its head: timing is everything. Consider the 2000 “Dot Com” bubble, in which web sites were selling for far more than they were worth. Some web sites made huge sales and made their owners rich; other companies tanked and subsequently went bankrupt.

Maybe your experience in buying and selling domains won’t be quite as dramatic as that, but you still need to know some basic strategies for buying domains at the right time. And the more you get into this field, the better you’ll be able to tell when the “time is right” – as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. But let’s try to shave off some significant time from your learning curve by giving away some time-tested secrets before you even get started.

The Budding Niche: Every Domain Buyer’s Dream

The key to online success is often in finding the right niche at the right time: maybe you started a web site before that focused on digital cameras just as the market was exploding, and you were able to cash in on the budding niche. That’s what new domain buyers are looking for all the time – the problem is, finding the right niche can sometimes feel a bit like trying to forecast the weather. Sure, you can be sure about some niches, but sometimes you get the predictions plain wrong.

So how do you know when a niche is about to blow up and you should cash in on the trend by buying a domain name with relevant keywords in that niche? Focus on indicators and research: the more you understand about current search engine trends, about increased demand for new products, etc….well, the more you’ll know about niches as a whole. You might not be able to get it right every time, but when you do strike it big, you’ll be glad you took the time to research new niches.

If you need ideas about niches, try browsing around a site like to see what’s hot.

Buying Domains as Investments

When you start to view a domain name as an investment, things will become clearer. After all, if you view buying domains as a funny little side hobby, then that’s all it will ever be to you. But if you put more thought and effort into the domain names you buy – just like you’d put thought and effort into real estate and stock market investments – then you start to put in the effort that can really help you capitalize on domain name purchases.

After all, when you focus on investments, you spend a lot of time thinking about timing. Domain names shouldn’t be any different. Use this attitude as you buy up new domains and you’ll be amazed at how different your results are. Just like in any field, you’ll get out of domain name purchasing what you put into it.

Might you make some mistakes along the way? Of course; we’re human, and this is impossible to prevent. But if you learn from these mistakes – especially taking home lessons about timing – you can master the art of the properly-timed domain purchase.