Information Potential Buyers might want to see

By | November 9, 2007

We often get asked about the type of information a potential buyers of websites may want to see. Sellers should try to have the following information available:

  • Details stats about the website including visitor information (at least a year’s worth if available), demographic information, conversion ratios etc.
  • Detailed financial information including income information for at least 3 years (if available) and information about costs of running the site, including hosting, marketing, staff, content, licensing, PPC and SEO service and any other costs incurred in running the website. Serious buyers who might get further along in the buying and due diligence process might also want to see financial statements prepared by your accountants and/or even tax returns showing income from the website.
  • Registration information and documentation, copies of contracts the website might be a party to (including affiliate contracts, hosting contracts, licensing contracts, outside contractor agreements etc.).

Naturally, different buyers who are conducting their due diligence, might want to see additional information and documentation.