Three Keys to Building Value Online

We’ve all heard the phrase “building wealth.” But how often have we applied it to our online businesses, our websites, and our online shops? Too often, people forget about what it means to build wealth – or value – on the Internet and simply assume there’s too little wealth to be had to be worth the investment.

Discerning the Website Sellers You Can Trust

When it comes to buying websites – or anything else for that matter – online, many of us have the same issue: trust. We’re not sure how we can trust the people we’re buying from. We don’t know how to verify what they’re saying is true, and this often leads us to avoid taking action on buying a… Read More »

Five Tips for Resurrecting Low Traffic Sites

In sports, many fans are most excited not when their teams have been great for a while; they’re excited when their team has seen a turnaround. Having been resurrected from the bottom of the standings to becoming a playoff contender, many sports teams are able to instantly galvanize their fan base and make headlines everywhere. Similarly, those of… Read More »

Use These Five Criteria to Gauge Your Site’s Value

Judging your own site’s value can be difficult. It’s tempting to use online valuation tools and pick and choose the ones that offer the highest estimations for an accurate asking price on your website. But that’s not a good way to approach the actual evaluation of your site; instead, it’s simply wishful thinking. A better way to go… Read More »

How to Know When Your Site Isn’t Selling

For some people, the answer to the question suggested by this article’s title is simple: if you haven’t sold your website yet, then the thing isn’t selling. But most of us are smart enough to realize that just because a site doesn’t sell in a week doesn’t mean it won’t sell at all. The real question, then, is… Read More »

Why You Aren’t Able to Sell that Small Website

There’s a lot of action that takes place every day at on a daily basis. People with productive websites list their domains for auction, and highly-discerning website buyers are always looking for an edge.