Domains: The Key to Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Finding a good domain these days can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So much prime Internet real estate has already been claimed in the past decade or so that the quality domains just seem fewer and fewer. The good news, however, is that the market is always expanding: finding great domains doesn’t have to mean… Read More »

The Newbie’s Guide to Doubling a Website’s Value

Making a website more valuable is not always as easy as it sounds. Sure, here at we recognize that a lot of people are good at this specific skill. They identify undervalued domains and are able to turn them into profitable websites. For some people, it’s not just a part of their business – it’s a way… Read More »

Does the Website You’re Selling Pass the Eyeball Test?

Ah, the eyeball test: perhaps one of the most insightful – if not always 100% accurate – ways to evaluate a website’s prospects. An informal term, an “eyeball test” simple refers to the look and general presence of a commodity, a piece of property, or even a person. Consider the person who comes to the job interview freshly… Read More »

How to Use Google to Research Domain Names

It is perhaps one of the most-used Internet tools of our age: Google. But while most people associate the verb “to Google” as a simple search engine key-in, what domain buyers have to remember is that Google is not exactly a one-hit wonder. Instead, it’s more like a Swiss Army Knife, capable of unfolding and providing you with… Read More »

Why You Aren’t Able to Sell that Small Website

There’s a lot of action that takes place every day at on a daily basis. People with productive websites list their domains for auction, and highly-discerning website buyers are always looking for an edge.

Cutting Ties With Your Fledgling Website Once and for All

The longer you’ve been working on the Internet, the higher the chances that you’ve been there: you control a fledgling website. Maybe the sales are lagging, maybe the traffic’s waning, maybe the site’s just become a forgotten cog in your otherwise profitable online machine – but whatever the problem, you know that it’s time to hit “eject” and… Read More »