How to Buy a Domain Name Before Someone Else Does

We’ve all heard those stories about great missed opportunities – like the record executive telling the Beatles that guitar bands were on the way out – and like to think that we’d never be in the same shoes. But the fact is, timing can be a tricky thing. This is even true in the world of domain buying,… Read More »

What Should You Look for in a Domain Name?

It was Shakespeare who wrote “What’s in a name?” He was using lofty language, of course, to communicate some lofty ideas – but we in the domain name industry know just how practical this question can be. After all, if you’re buying a domain name just for its name alone, then the name is everything.

How Do I Know When To Buy a Domain Name?

For anyone who’s ever made an investment before, there’s one simple truth that seems to always rear its head: timing is everything. Consider the 2000 “Dot Com” bubble, in which web sites were selling for far more than they were worth. Some web sites made huge sales and made their owners rich; other companies tanked and subsequently went… Read More »

What Features Add Value to a Website

If you’re already a website owner, adding value to your website should be one of your top priorities. Even if you want to sell the thing, adding value means that you’ll be able to justify a heftier price tag when you list it on a site like But how exactly do you add value to a website?

10 Signs Your Website Needs to be Sold — Now

If we lived in an ideal world, then knowing when your website should be sold would be as obvious as a slap in the face. But things aren’t always so cut and dry, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in buying and selling websites. But as you learn more and more about domains, you… Read More »

Best Practices When Selling a Website

Too often, website owners make a simple mistake: they think that simply because they own a domain name or a particular website that they’re going to be able to sell it online without much trouble.  In some cases, these people are right – but not all the time. That’s because selling a website is in many ways just… Read More »